Adding Underrider Traction Bars to Tin Man Fabrication's Subframe Connectors 

I had always intended on installing underrider traction bars, but wanted to wait to see how they would be affected by subframe connectors.  After installing the Tin Man Fabrication's subframe connectors, it became obvious that the standard mounting would not work.

The standard 'front foot' of aftermarket underrider traction bars consist of a 5/8" bolt welded to a right angle plate. This plate is meant to be welded to the flat bottom of the rear frame rail.

The Tin Man Subframe connector was already installed in this position.

Source Information:
Source: CJ's Pony Parts  64-66 Traction Master Traction Bars (TMB1) 

The original 'foot' of the traction bar could be used, but the subframe connector would have to be either bent or notched to make room and still mount properly.

The alternative chosen was to mount the forward attach point of the traction bar directly to the subframe connector.  


1. The rear attach bracket of the underrider bars was installed on the axle.  This required the car to be suspended on the rear frame rails and the suspension relaxed so that the U-Bolts attaching the axle to the leafs could be removed. The plate required a center hole drilled to clear the leaf center alignment pin.

2. The suspension was returned to weight on wheels position (Jackstands under axle), traction bar was temp installed,  and swung .into position to find the hole location on the subframe connector.

3. The subframe was progressively updrilled all the way through until a slightly larger than .625 hole was achieved.

4. A 6" x 5/8" Grade 8 bolt was used as the forward attach point.  The bolt was installed and welded on both sides of the hole.   A 1" x 5/8" steel spacer was used to offset and align the bar.

5. The front of the bar's bushing were greased and installed, using standard 5/8" washers and bolts.  Locktite the bolts.


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