Installing the Tefba Coolant Filter in a 65 Fastback



In the course of putting the car back together, I'd been looking for an alternative to the Gano Filter.  I didn't like the idea of having to unclamp the hose to check and clean it.  Then I came across the Tefba filter. It functions the same as the Gano, but to me seems easier to use. It was also cheaper.  This is not an ad for the filter.  I paid full price for it.

You can see it installed in the upper radiator hose in the photo to the left.


Below:  After the fluid level is lowered, the lid is unscrewed and the filter revealed.  This shows the screen orientation and the crud collected on the bottom.  The filter, as well as a round "tray" are lifted out and cleaned. Here you can see the filter after I had reassembled my car and ran it about 250 miles.  All you do is rinse off the filter and reinsert.


Installation is really straightforward.  The unit is inserted into the upper radiator hose, and held in place by hose clamps.  Orientation is marked on the housing.  It's best to place your hose on both end and cut out the middle as shown on the right.

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Source: is operated by FasterJags, the exclusive USA distributor for Tefba coolant filters. For more information about Tefba filters or to order please contact
Brian Welker at 214-769-4555 or

7715 Robin Road
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13 January 2003 (updated 26 July 2012)