Installing Custom Wiring in a 65 Fastback



Look closely at this picture and tell me what's missing....(hint...based on this page's title).  There's no wiring harnesses hanging from the left and right fender walls.  There's no Starter Solenoid on the wires dangling from the firewall.  That's because all the standard wiring harness has been removed and replace with hidden wires.

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Once I had the engine out and the compartment clean, I went to work rewiring the car.  I was already rewiring from a 65 to a 66 configuration, removing the Voltage regular and replacing with a solid state on the back of the Alternator, and installing relays for the headlights and electric fan.  So... decided to just restring the whole thing.  I'd seen this done by Tim Moran in his Austin Healey and it looked really sharp... So... first thing was to remove the existing harnesses and patch the holes in the firewall..
All the wiring running to the engine bay now collects under the dash and runs across behind the glove box.  From there it exits next to the antenna hole and turns forward.  The photo at left shows the wiring coming through the rear splash shield and heading to the headlight box.  the two wires shown exiting go to the heater fan. The wire bundle is well secured and wrapped in a heater hose which has been slit and slipped over the wiring.  Extra runs of wire are included in the bundle for future changes/additions.
This shows the harness travelling along the fender/apron line, suspended by zip ties to the fender apron.  The harnesses enter through the apron area next to the headlight box.  Inside the apron box are the new headlight relays with provide full voltage to the halogen headlights.
This photo shows all the engine wiring entering the engine bay through the headlight wiring hole on the passenger's fender apron.  It is wrapped in crinkle style cable protection and runs down the radiator core support between the radiator and battery.  Under the battery is the starter solenoid.  It is hidden from normal view.  All wiring from there travels across to the alternator and then is routed to each place required on the engine.  This makes for a very clean appearance.

Core Support 

This view shows the core support minus the voltage regulator and associated wiring.  The removal of this wiring makes for a very clean installation for the overflow container.

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